My name is Martina Hollasová and I am from the Czech Republic. I bought my first English springer spaniel from a kennel called "z Loňského léta" in the Spring of 2010. Antonia had (not to my awareness when I bought her) fairly lovely pedigree and even though she  has never been a big show ring star,  she has proven to be a super mother providing lovely quality and type dogs for me to continue breeding and showing.  Both, showing & breeding is a hobby for me. I am a fashion designer by profession and do not breed for living. The name of the kennel has derived from the name Gabreta, the original name of the National Park Šumava, where we spend a lot of time and a short version of my first name "Tina", thus Gabrettina.

We have litters only occasionally, mainly when I want to keep a puppy from a specific combination to continue my breeding program, never for money. English springer spaniels are huge passion for me and I am deeply committed to providing our dogs with the best.

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